About Gnarls Barkley

Posted: May 23, 2012 in arts, Uncategorized

For starters, innovation. The song ‘Crazy” is interesting not only because of the shared experience –  the sense of loss of control (“does that make me crazy” changes to “I think  you’re crazy” and finally evolves to “maybe we’re crazy”) song in a soulful voice over a chorus edited from a spaghetti western soundtrack. It turns schlock into something incredibly moving not only because of the content but also the juxtaposition. The song is democratic (anybody can be crazy) and it isn’t a cause for opprobrium but democracy. Okay, maybe that’s extrapolating too far, but I find the song moving; there are a lot of crazy people; and most sane people I know have considered the possibility. Maybe the times are crazy. Probably. Can we tell?? This song conveys the question movingly, and they won a Grammy for it.  I still think about this song five years later … http://www.myspace.com/gnarlsbarkley/music/songs/crazy-album-version-31633576


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